For NTN Steps for Online Application are:

  1. Go to eFbr to begin the online process.

Online Registration

  1. On-line Registration is available only for:
    1. Individual and not for Association of Person or Company;
    2. Income Tax and not for Sales Tax;
  2. Before starting registration, the Taxpayer must have:
    1. Read FBR User Guide
    2. A computer, scanner and internet connection;
    3. A cell phone with SIM registered against his own CNIC
    4. A personal email address belonging to him;
  3. Scanned PDF files of:
    1. Certificate of maintenance of personal bank account in his own name;
    2. Evidence of tenancy / ownership of business premises, if having a business;
    3. Paid utility bill of business premises not older than 3 months, if having a business

Note: Change in particular can be processed if you are enrolled (for detail, check the enrollment procedure). After logon and go to the Registration=>Enrollment=>Change profile and update the information accordingly.